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Here’s a selection of a photography work by an artist named Potapov Evgeniy. The selection focuses on women portraits mixing the classy and elegant style with a trashy touch. A great serie of art work you’ll probably love as much as we do. (http://www.whitezine.com/en/photography/potapov-evgeniy.html)
«Potapov Evgeniy Captures Fun and Quirky Pictures» Photographer Potapov Evgeniy is able to capture humorous moments in this featured collection. Whether they are portraying vulgar tees or drunken falls, these images are definitely captivating in its content. The heavy use of light and shadows makes this series both artistic and visually appealing. Potapov Evgeniy is able to mix many styles to come up with unique and interesting photographs. By featuring both classy and funny moments, Eveginy’s works are a creative collaboration of personalities and characteristics. http://www.trendhunter.com/trends/potapov-evgeniy